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Use the menu below to find out a little of the history of Basingstoke

Basingstoke was a small market town until in 1961 the town was chosen to Skyline receive families from London. Since then the population has grown and grown. Basingstoke is situated in north Hampshire and is built on the sides of the river Loddon. One of its nicknames is doughnut city, because we have a large number of roundabouts in the town.

  From its early beginnings it has grown to include our own football team, ice rink (with our own ice hockeySkyscraper team), two multi screen cinemas and our own radio station (kestrel f.m). We also have two swimming pools and the town center has been redeveloped to make a larger shopping complex called festival Place.

  The town has a long and interesting history, ranging right back to pre historic times. We also have a few infamous incidents in our history, with the Basingstoke witch trials and the accidental burying alive of Mrs. Blunden in 1764. Basingstoke has always had a large number of bars and taverns in the town as it was once a stop over town on the stage coach run to and from London and was also famous in the area for it's brewing.

   DrinkThe main town has recently been redeveloped to provide an interesting mix of bars, clubs and restaurants and on Friday's and Saturday's the town centre pubs are usually full of people 

  We also have our own concert hall, called The Anvil, and The Haymarket Theatre. Basingstoke is a pleasant place to live ,if  you want to learn more about the history of Basingstoke then please use the menu at the top of the page. Press the button below to view a map of Basingstoke.


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You can see pictures of Basingstoke, both old and new on the Gallery page. you can also send a free Basingstoke e-card from the Basingstoke postcard section of the site. Why not have a go on the Basingstoke word search square in the games section of the site. If you are interested in Basingstoke then why not join the Basingstoke Heritage Society. Their mission is 'Caring for our town, past, present and future' They are interested in the unparished area of the town where there is no parish council to represent residents. Their meetings are open to all members (300 and rising). Contact Deborah Reavell for details at the following e-mail address Reavell@btinternet.com


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