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This page contains the awards my site has won, many thanks to everyone who likes my site enough to give it an award. Click on the graphic to visit each site, they are all great sites and well worth visiting.

Awards won in April 2001 

     Golden Web Award 2001-2002     British History Bronze Award     CM award

Scorpiosite Cool Site Award - jpg    Silverspike, interesting content, Bronze award.     Ned's Award

      Phonex Website Award      Summer's award for best homepage     Majon web select award.

Awards won in May 2001

Internet Excellence Award    Great site award    Top Site Award

Award for excellence     Link to the past HQ Award
                                             Click here to try to win the award

Daisy's cool site award!   Casey's Celtic Charm Bronze Award

Awards for June 2001

Good Dog' Site Award    SweetHeartOnlys Excellent Site Award    Police Guide Award for Excellence

Art Space 2000 World Web Award 2000-2001    The Human Club, Positive Website Award   HoopesOnline Web Design Winner

Awards won in July 2001

Artistry Award   Personal Site Accomplishment Award   Favourite Pet Award

Freaky's Select Award      Bubino's pet of the month for August 2001

Awards won in August 2001

Rory Award   Da Dude award   The Cats Pajamas

Useful content award

Awards won in October 2001

My home town quality website award.     Arlana's Corner Great Site Award     Deco Award, Gold

Awards won in November 2001

Southern Nytes Award of Elegance.

Awards won in December 2001

Di's Scottish Best Site Award.   Hot Dog Award

Best of the Web Diamond Award   Xpsychoxfreakx Silver Site Award.   Boston Police Bomb Squad Excellence Award

Awards won in January 2002

 Web Designer

Web Designer

Westie wishes well done award   MadCool bronze award

Awards won in February 2002

Claudette's creativity award of excellence

Awards won in April 2002

Award of Excellence, presented by Heathers Freebies     Mr. Goodbeer's Not a Stinky Site

Marina's Great Site Award

Awards won in January 2003

WM8c's Ham Links Bronze award

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