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Basingstoke as a market town

The market in Basingstoke originates from the time of the Domesday On the fencebook and was originally held on Sundays. Basingstoke was in a favourable position to be a market town as it was on the main road from London to Winchester and could be used to serve many of the surrounding villages as a trading centre.  In 1203 market day was moved to Mondays and then in 1214 the day was changed again to Wednesdays. This was done to ensure that Basingstoke's market didn't have a detrimental effect on the markets of other towns in the area. It was the influx of farmers into the area that led to so many ale houses and inns being opened in the area.

   In the 19th century the weekly markets were well attended by farmers and dealers from a wide ranging area. People came fromGoing to market Andover, Winchester, Reading and Newbury to attend the market. It was at these markets that they traded in grain and livestock. In 1829 a special act of Parliament resulted in the establishment of the Basingstoke cattle market. Animals and goods were sold in front of the old Mote Hall in the market square until in 1873 the market moved nearer to the railway station. The cattle market finally closed down in 1966 to make way for the redevelopment of the town.

   As well as the markets, fairs have also played an important part in eating grassBasingstoke's history. The first fair was held in 1449 when Henry VI gave the town its first grant of a fair. This was held annually and lasted from Wednesday to Friday in Whit Week. The grant of this fair was increased to two by 1622 when another was held on the feast of St. Michael. In 1671, Charles II granted two more fairs to the town which were held on Basingstoke Down. The first was held on the Tuesday and Wednesday after Easter, the second was held on 10th and 11th of September. 

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