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The Basingstoke windmill

In 1822, a windmill was constructed in Basingstoke, not far Basingstoke windmillfrom Norn Hill, close to the where the railway bridge is today. The windmill was owned by a Mr. Whistler and had a very troubled life.

In 1842 the fans of the windmill were blown down in a high wind, then a few years later the windmill caught fire. The fire wasn't a large fire, but it was big enough to close down production for a while. In 1839 the railways came to Basingstoke and the railway company decided to lay the tracks in front of the mill. The construction of the lines brought difficulties in transporting goods to the town. When in 1849 the Great Western Railway began construction of track behind the mill, trade for the mill was brought to a complete halt. Mr. Whistler sued the Railway for damages and won 905 compensation. the mill was demolished in February, 1849.