My other cars a LadaOn this page I include some of the tips I have picked up over the years to make valeting easier.

  1. If you live near a railway you will find that your car becomes covered in a fine grit that makes your car feel like sand paper, we call this fallout. This is very hard to remove and requires buffing and T-cutting. To avoid this you must polish your car at least every month to stop it building up.

  2. If you need to buff your car with an electric buffer then move the buffer in a counter clockwise direction. The buffing wheel rotates clockwise so if you go counter clockwise you get a better shine.

  3. If your a smoker you will find that a greasy layer forms on the inside of your windscreen, this can make polishes go sticky and become difficult to remove. Always chamois the inside of the screen first to remove this film and then the polish goes on and off easily.

  4. The best kind of rag for removing body polish is terry toweling. Use pub bar towels as polishing cloth, you can then simply wash the rag after use and have a clean rag every time.

  5. If  you have no window polish you can use old newspapers instead. Simply wet the windows so that they are just damp and then bunch up the newspaper into a ball and dry the windows off using the newspaper balls.

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