VacuumThe first thing to do when you reach the interior of the car is to vacuum the carpets and the seats. If you find when vacuuming that there are lots of particles lodged in the carpet, wheat grass is always a good one, then you will need a small stiff brush (such as a scrubbing brush). With the brush you work away at the carpet, just in front of the vacuum nozzle ( a crevice nozzle is best for this job). This lifts the particles and makes it easier to pick up.

 Vax  When you have finished the vacuuming it's time to wash the seats (if you have a vax). This part is always hard work and guaranteed to make you sweat. First spray the seat with the upholstery cleaner from the vax, then using the small scrubbing brush, work the cleaner into the upholstery. Finally suck up the dirty water into the vax. It is possible to clean the seats if you don't have a vax, it's just a lot more work. If this is the case, put your upholstery cleaner into a spray bottle and spray over the seats. Then use a rag and work away at the seats until all stains are gone. The one problem with this method, of course, is that you have to wait a long time until the seats are dry or you end up with a wet bum. If you have leather seats there are special conditioners available to clean leather with.

   Air freshnerNow it's time to move on to the dash, here wipe the dash over with the interior cleaner spray. It's a good idea to have the doors open at this stage as the chemicals can sometimes be quite choking if used in an enclosed area. Then when this is done you can use the P.V.C. spray to shine up the dash. This is a question of personal taste, some people like it and some don't.

That's the interior finished !  

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