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Oil portrait (53058 bytes)    Beach at sunset (34932 bytes)    Moors in a storm (37523 bytes)

Sunset (36674 bytes)    Sunset over water (41584 bytes)    Manydown farm in Basingstoke (33843 bytes)

Viaduct in Winter (30815 bytes)    Jet fighter (29755 bytes)    Memorial (28633 bytes)

Windsurfer at dusk (29131 bytes)    Roses (39993 bytes)    Bridge (42033 bytes)

Valley (33387 bytes)    Pastel of woman (35344 bytes)    Pastel painting of tree (33256 bytes)

Pastel painting of wood in winter (52715 bytes)    Pastel painting of wood (19477 bytes)    Pastel painting of mountain (30156 bytes)

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